Baking Supplies Haul

Anytime I have a day off along with my sisters or my mom, we go on a shopping spree. Since I love to bake, we went to a few craft stores and other places to pick up some goodies.

I got the bottom of this awesome cake stand at the thrift store for about $5 and the top from Homegoods. Don’t you just love the way the light sparkles off of it.


These cookie cutter are from Joann’s and Pat Catans. Since Moriah’s engagement party is at the end of July, we got a bunch of cute shapes, like wedding bells, wedding dress, a cake and a bunch of other cute cutters perfect for numerous occasions.


To create cool designs and mix some great flavors like lemon and also of extract and some decorating needles, small spatulas and a whisk.

To make sure that I would have cute pictures for the blog and social media, Moriah bought some ceramic measuring cups and a cute pink plate.


Lastly, while I was at the thrift store I also bought 7 ramekins for like $3!!!! These will be perfect for creme brûlée, small cakes, and so on and so on.


I can’t wait to use all these supplies and show all of you what I make. Let us know if you have any cool gadgets or tools you use to bake.

Al the love, Noelle


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